Sunday, November 13, 2016

Center for Resilience

I really enjoyed watching the videos on the Center for Resilience web-site. Hearing the kids talk about mindful breathing and other techniques they were using immediately reminded me to do some breathing and calm myself down which was helpful, partly because I've been so stressed because of the election. It looks like the organization has programs that help both adults and children to cultivate mindfulness practice techniques. It works with schools, businesses, and organizations in Rhode Island and provides training to staff, students, employees, and patients. I am interested in mindfulness myself. Although I don't always do them as much as I should, I have engaged in various mindfulness practices including yoga and meditation. I have gained a lot from these practices and believe children can as well. Mindfulness practices can help children to calm themselves down, get better sleep, and transition between activities. Many of the techniques are simple to learn and can enhance a person's ability to self regulate. 


  1. Hi Madelin,I enjoyed reading your blog. Although I do not use the techniques of mindfulness this is a great idea that the students are able to focus after using this technique. I like the pictures you used on your blog peaceful images.

  2. I agree with everything you wrote these techniques are good to use in all types of places as you mentioned. I think it is definitely good for students to use this when they are stressed or angry. I live the pictures you added it goes well with the theme.

  3. Madelin,
    I enjoyed reading your blog post!! and I also agree that children can gain a lot from learning and practicing mindfulness techniques.